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Official Reports and Information

St. Louis

Camp Jackson

Missouri Campaign

 Curtis' Army of the Southwest-Table of Organization-1861(OR)
 Curtis' Pea Ridge Report 3-6-62(OR)
 Sigel's Pea Ridge Report 3-16-62(OR)
 Osterhaus' Pea Ridge Report 3-14-62(OR)
 Sigel's Pea Ridge Report(Battles and Leaders)

Arkansas Campaign

 Curtis' Army of the Southwest -1862(OR)
 Arkansas Post -Union Casualty Report(OR)

Vicksburg Campaign

 Grant's Vicksburg Report(Battles and Leaders)
 Sherman's Vicksburg Report 6-23-63(OR)
 Union Order of Battle-Vicksburg(OR)
 CSA Order of Battle -Vicksburg(OR)

Chattanooga Campaign

Atlanta Campaign

 Atlanta Campaign Summary of Events(OR)
 Wangelin's Atlanta Report(OR)
 Union Order of Battle-Atlanta(OR)
 CSA Order of Battle-Atlanta(OR)

March to the Sea


Carolina Campaign


Mustering Out


Grand Army of the Republic

 GAR in Missouri

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