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Descriptive Roll for the 17th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The following pages contain the names, physical description and place of birth and residence for the members of the 17th Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment. The descriptive roll was prepared by the Adjutant General of the State of Missouri from monthly rosters submitted by the 17th Missouri during the period 1861-1864. The information on the descriptive roll was revised on November 25, 2004 with information from several other sources. The Missouri State Archives, Jefferson City, Missouri  microfilmed the Descriptive Roll and copies may be obtained by requesting Record Group 133, Reels 317 and 318.  The Microfilm is of good quality but the old style script was hard for the transcriber to read. Other sources of information have been used where possible to corroborate, correct and extend the transcription.  These sources have included other official documents, the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Index and others who have provided information about the soldiers who fought for the 17th Missouri. Please send an email to with any questions, corrections or information about the 17th Missouri.

The descriptive roll is presented below in an HTML format produced using Excel 2001 for the Macintosh.  If you have problems viewing these tables or would like to have access to the excel spreadsheet used to create it you can download the file from the link marked as "Excel Format".  

17th Missouri Descriptive Roll

17th Missouri Descriptive Roll (Excel Format)

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